Our policies on breeding:

~ We do NOT believe in the myth that female dogs bred on their first heat will have complications or stunted growth.  This notion has been refuted with solid evidence to the contrary since 1932.  We do not, however, breed females on their first heat because we perform hip/elbow x-rays prior to breeding any dog, male or female.  This means that both the male and the female will be at least 13-15 months old before mating will occur.  This is further proof to you and ourselves that we have done everything we humanly can to eliminate any health issues in our lines.  

~ We only breed dogs with either excellent or good hip scores.  Even though the OFA has stated that a dog with a fair hip score is breedable, we do not accept anything less than the best.  We are not in a hurry to breed dogs and will wait until the right animal appears to further our American Alsatian lines.

~ We will only breed when we have deposits down on a future litter.  We breed solely to advance the American Alsatian dog breed, but because breeding dogs is not our sole responsibility we simply cannot bring puppies into this world that do not already have potential homes.  If you are interested in putting a deposit down on a litter, please visit our Buying an Alsatian page.

~ We only breed any one female on consecutive seasons if she is physically ready and had no complications from the last litter.  We have NOT been able to produce any solid research behind a female's need to recuperate between litters.  There are, however, prominent breeders with whom we are in contact who have years of documentation on females bred consecutively for several years without any complications whatsoever. 

~ All of our dogs are well socialized and are trained in obedience.  We exercise all of our dogs regularly in order to keep them in top condition, especially our breeding stock.  We also feed only all natural foods.  We currently feed our dogs Taste of the Wild High Prairie Formula (Bison and Venison).  They eat between 2 1/2 to 5 cups of food a day depending on their needs. 

~ From time to time, we may need to adopt out one of our breeding stock to a special home in order to continue our work of improving the breed one generation at a time.  The adopted dog will be spayed or neutered before traveling to its new forever home.  When this is the case, we will post a "For Sale" sign on our American Alsatians page as well as on the dog's respective page.  We will, of course, have a hard time saying good-bye. 

~ We require all pet quality puppies to be spayed or neutered.  This is required in order to eliminate unwanted pregnancies within our breed in the future.  Puppies in this category will be sold with a $300 refund upon proof of the spay/neuter.

~ Following Colorado state's animal welfare laws, all American Alsatian puppies shall be at least 8 weeks old before leaving Vallecito Alsatians.  There will be no exceptions.


Back to Back Breeding (Dr Kate Schoeffel)

OFA Prelims (Orthopedic Foundation For Animals)

How to Breed Dogs (Leon F. Whitney, DVM)

Are you sure you want to buy a puppy from us?

Buying a puppy from a responsible breeder is an extremely intimate affair.  Our puppies are the most precious thing to us and we only want the very best homes for them, as you can imagine.  Therefore, we must get to know you and every part of your life in order to know that you are a real caring, kind person without any sort of malicious intentions.  It also stands to reason that you must get to know us, as well, to confirm in your mind that you are getting a healthy puppy from a responsible breeder that is going to take care of you and your puppy, in kindness, if there is ever a problem. 

For this reason, purchasing a living, breathing animal means that we must form a close working bond with one another.  The breeder from whom you choose to purchase your dog must be someone you can work with for the lifetime of your dog.  This is because we ultimately will enter into a legally binding contract with one another.  This legally binding contract will ultimately hold us both to a certain commitment towards one another that should not be broken.  Woven throughout the life of your dog is a written guarantee that we both agree to live by for the lifetime of your puppy.  We hope that this commitment we share is just and fair as well as protective of both of our interests. 

Since we must work so closely together, it is important for you to make sure that Vallecito Alsatians is THE facility from which you want your next puppy to come.  If you do not agree with our policies, including our health policies, application process, contract, guarantee, pricing, temperament testing, crossbreeding, website, and/or our commitment to you, then please do NOT purchase one of our puppies.  We get inquiries several times a day and many of them do not ultimately end up getting their next companion from us.  There are many breeders out there of endless types of dogs all over the country and the world.  Please do your research and make sure that you are okay with who we are as breeders and people. 

Furthermore, if you cannot wait, then please do NOT place a deposit to be on our waiting list.  We simply cannot predict the future.  Breeding animals is very unpredictable by its very nature.  We can certainly estimate to the best of our knowledge, but we cannot know for sure how many puppies will be in a litter before it is time, exactly what puppies we will ultimately have available or even if a planned future breeding will actually happen.  This means that if a litter does not happen or the puppy you wanted does not appear, the waiting may be longer than expected.  We do not want you to be disappointed.  We do, however, want you to be prepared.  Take your time.  Learn all you can about us and determine for yourself whether we are ultimately the place from which your new puppy will be born. 

We encourage you to ask questions of us and our past customers.  The more you know about us and the more we know about you, the better for all involved.  We cherish the relationships we have with our potential adoptive families.  We also hope you find the companion dog that you are looking for.  If it is us, that's great.  If it is ultimately not us, that is perfectly acceptable as well.  We appreciate your understanding and continued commitment to responsible dog breeding.

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