RAW Pup™

RAW Pup Test Example

The following video shows the RAW™ pup temperament test done on F4 RAW™ pups at 3 weeks old.  These pups had not been in contact with humans since 3 days after their birth.  Watch for squirming, crying out, trying to get down, moving head around, tucking up feet when turned over, stiffness, etc.  The ultimate Alsatian pup should be easily manipulated, relaxed, no noise or protest, and possibly falling asleep or closing eyes.

The first RAW™ puppy test is performed right after birth.  A pup stays RAW™ until 2.5 to 3 weeks old when we perform the second temperament testing.  At this time, we rate the temperament of each pup and now begin to socialize and shape the pup's temperament based on the testing.  A pup who scores poorly on the RAW pup™ testing will be socialized much more than the other pups.  This will raise the pup's scores on the third temperament test, which is not a   RAW pup test, but a test to make sure our interventions have worked.