By Air:

Shipping a puppy by air can be very traumatic and disorienting.  We will do the absolute best we can to make the trip as pain-free for your new American Alsatian puppy as possible.  Your puppy will have good experiences in its kennel before the flight and we will feed and water your puppy no later than 60 minutes before it is left to board the plane.  This will ensure that your pup has adequate time to use the restroom before the long adventure through the skies, which will also minimize the chance of your puppy vomiting or defecating in its crate during its travels.  A frozen water bowl will be available to your pup during flight as well as shredded newspapers.  Remember to be on time to the airport to pick up your new one and immediately take it out to a grassy area to relieve itself.  You may also wish to give your new pup a chance to have fun, play, drink, and possibly eat if it wants.  This is your first encounter with your new one, so let it be happy and exciting now that the long trip is finally over.

Our Air Shipping Service to you:

We are so pleased to announce a great deal through Great Lakes Airlines!  They are a small airline with such a BIG heart.  Great lakes Airlines has a partnership with Frontier Airlines which equates to one flat rate to anywhere Frontier Airlines Cargo can travel with only one stop over in Denver before reconnecting.  We will ship your American Alsatian by air out of Four Corners Regional Airport in Farmington, connecting once in Denver, to anywhere Frontier is available to fly cargo.  That means that:

A kennel size of 27-20-29 connecting to Frontier will be $271.63 (joint rate - all inclusive). 


With airline travel, we gather everything together for you, including buying the kennel (dimensions: 27-20-29 for an 8 week old puppy) and getting it ready as per flight standards and USDA regulations.  We will just add the crate and ticket cost to the total you owe so that you only have one all-inclusive payment.  Your puppy will be shipped when all payment has been received and cleared.  We will converse over email or phone (if you prefer) in order to make sure that everyone is aware of all the flight information and most importantly the time your puppy is due to arrive on your end. 

An example of the cost of all this would be:

Puppy:                                                      $1200.00

Airline Approved Crate:                              $39.95

Airline Ticket:                                              $271.63

Total cost of your puppy plus flight:      $1511.58



By Pet Transport Service:

Here are a few companies that will personally pick up your American Alsatian from our house and travel in style to your front door!  All arrangements should be made directly with the Pet Transport Service you choose, but please let me know the schedule and any requirements for transport so that I can prepare your puppy for travel.

Pet Transport Service

TLC Pet Transport Service

Paw N Claws

I'm sure there are others.  This is not an exhaustive list by any means.  If you find a great experience through a Pet Transport Service, please let me know and I'll add them here.  Furthermore, if any of the transport services listed here have given you trouble, I'd like to know that, too.